We are a beer hall, cocktail bar, diner, events and gigs space that majors in cask and craft ales, Detroit pizza, tunes and live sports. 

We are open 7 days a week from 12pm (in the week) and 11am (at the weekends) and close late. Up 'til 4am Thursday- Saturday.

We are very much a bar but we like to table serve folks and we'll greet and seat drinkers, eaters, gig goers, sports watchers til 10pm . After then we party and have DJs on every night of the week.

Metrocola (say 'METRO - COLA') is on Leece Street in Liverpool city centre (just by 'the bombed out church'). We're a big venue with 4 large rooms spread over 2 floors. Our pride and joy are our rooftop all glass 'greenhouse' with its retractable roof, and also our big yellow bar room with its wood burning fire and yet another retractable roof.

We don't do bookings for routine visits but if you're a group of 9 and over we can book you in via email, but also feel free just to rock up. We'll get you bedded in as soon as possible. Email us at ' metrocolaliverpool@gmail.com '.

To book a big party or event with us or you're a band, DJ or promoter looking for gig space , again email us at ' metrocolaliverpool@gmail.com '.